Web3 Engineer / Climate Solutions
Senior · Full time
Posted 2 years ago
Open Earth Foundation is a California-based research and deployment non-profit developing open innovative technology to increase planetary resilience and avoid a catastrophic climate crisis. We are a diverse international team, working with a network of collaborators and partners globally (from the United Nations to cutting-edge startups) and always ready to have fun saving the world. 
We are building  open infrastructure for the Paris Agreement, energy finance, biodiversity tracking, and impact solutions at the intersection of emergent technologies (ML, blockchain, Web3 technologies, IoT devices) and climate innovations. 
Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
As a DLT & Web3 Engineer you will leverage your skills and expertise to design and create decentralized solutions for planet Earth. Our products and platforms range from digital climate accounting systems, solar energy financing platforms, biodiversity measurement and protection protocols, to Earth game engines and digital twins for research and simulation. A main focus for this position is the development of infrastructure around Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs), that you will help build in collaboration with governments and the United Nations. 
The position is remote (we value time zones closer to Pacific Time) and we will consider part-time collaborators.

The ideal candidate: passionate about Web3 solutions for climate impact

    • Has experience developing creative solutions with emerging technologies (i.e. blockchain, IoT, AI, Big Data, GIS).
    • Is participating in current trends in the Web3 and blockchain space and thinking about how to apply them to fight climate change.
    • Is committed to open source technology products and platforms, the evolution of the internet, multi-stakeholder innovations and big-picture climate solutions, embraces new challenges, and takes ownership and initiative as a key team player.

Responsibilities: developing, advising, thought leadership, co-designing

    • Develop modular open source solutions and infrastructure for OEF climate projects.
    • Design smart contracts and incentive mechanisms to drive collective action between independent actors.
    • Provide strategic advice for technical assessment, definition, prioritization, architecture, design and deployment of new products and services.
    • Provide strong thought leadership on DLT, Web3 and other emerging technologies.
    • Co-design solution architectures and document in system diagrams.

Tech abilities: DIDs, DeFi, smart contracts, blockchain environments, tech stack

    • Decentralized Identifier (DIDs) frameworks (eg. Hyperledger Indy, Aries, Sovrin)
    • Working knowledge of basic DeFi mechanics
    • Experience writing, testing and deploying smart contracts (EVM, Hyperledger, Stellar or Polkadot)
    • Knowledge of Solidity or Rust for Smart Contract programming
    • Some knowledge and experience with some areas of our tech stack (i.e. React, Node.js, Go, Python and MongoDB)
    • Some AWS, Azure or Google Cloud management familiarity
    • Some DevOps infrastructure familiarity
    • Ideally some Machine/Deep Learning experience
    • Ability and drive to immerse yourself in new technologies as needed
    • Experience with deploying to production environments
    • Experience with CI/CD flows of Web3 applications
    • Preference for Test Driven Development
Open Earth Foundation
Open Earth Foundation is a non-profit organization that develops transformative open-source business platforms.
Size:  1-10 employees
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