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ReFi Podcast

ReFi Podcast helps people make sense of the regenerative finance movement emerging in web3. We explore leading trends and luminary thinkers shaping the way humanity transitions away from fossil fuels. We’re excited to cover the explosive growth of two mega trends: Climate consciousness and crypto.


With a family of content spanning across ReFi DAO, ReFi Podcast and ReFi Spring—we have become a focal point for the regenerative finance movement in web3. 

We're kicking off Season Two of ReFi Podcast with a line-up of brilliant guests and want to amplify our content across social media platforms.

We've got an initial Season at ReFi DAO to take this to the next level and onboard the next generation fo talent into the movement.

The role 🤘

We are looking for a talented community and social media manager who can grow our community across Discord, Twitter, and LinkedIN. You will be responsible for two key areas:

Social media

  1. Managing a monthly content calendar
  2. Creating daily content (text, photo, video)
  3. Facilitating online events
  4. Engaging with the community across platforms


  1. Responding to messages and keeping the conversations flowing
  2. Maintaining a strong, positive culture
  3. Triaging requests to relevant team members
  4. Coordinating events
  5. Communicating community needs to leadership

With the support of an senior Growth Steward, you'll work together to:

  1. Define a content strategy
  2. Define and refine brand communication guidelines
  3. Identify and engage strategic partners for growth

Your chops

We've got big hopes for this role, and are hoping you're bringing a stack of skills and a bundle of energy with you. We've sketched out our ideal role in case the perfect person is reading this (unlikely, we know).

  • Web3 native 💯
  • Podcast guru 🎧
  • Social media rockstar 🎸
  • Twitter thread master 🧵
  • You need to be fluent in English 😯

It's important for us that you've got:

  • 2-3k+ personal followers on Twitter 🐣
  • A proven track record of managing fun and engaging socials 🎉
  • A reason for being & a story to tell 🎤
  • Strong understanding of climate science 🌎


  • People from traditionally excluded social minorities.
  • People who have been involved in ReFi or climate projects.
  • People with well-developed soft skills.
  • People that are able to communicate, also, in Spanish.
  • People with basic knowledge of geopolitics.

The goal

We want to reach 1M people over the next 12 months, and you'll be expected to manage a moderate marketing and advertising budget to help reach this target.

What are the social media targets we need to hit to reach this goal? 

You tell us... 👂🏽

Get in touch 

If you're chomping at the bit for this and think you'd be a perfect fit then send us your deets. Share your story and let us know some times you'd like to speak!

Even better, film a 3-5 min Loom video introducing yourself and why you want this gig!

ReFi Podcast
Making sense of the regenerative finance movement in Web3
Size:  1-10 employees
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